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October 21st, 2010

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02:35 pm - APE and beyond
So, APE was last weekend. Thanks to those of you that stopped by and said hello (there were a lot of you!) and additional thanks to those of you that picked up a little something (there were not as many of you :D)

It was an exciting APE this year, with the convention being held in the other side of the concourse, the whole thing just looked and felt bigger. And it was. There were about 50 additional tables for exhibitors set up, and one of the upper wings was used only for meetings / panels / seating, so there was just a whole lot more space for everything.

Unfortunately, that didn't transfer over to more customers for us. It was a pretty slow weekend, and was the first time at ANY convention, where Miriam and I both left the table to go do some exploring. Of course, during that time, Mikey (from poseurink) sold a t shirt and a book for us. He makes an excellent booth babe.

It was kind of a mixed bag from what I hear at the convention. Some people were having excellent sales, others were more like us. It's still a super fun convention though, and the exhibitors there are all pretty amazing.

I took a whole whack of pictures, which is nice, because I usually forget about my camera, and it just sits in my bag the whole time. Feel free to have a look at my flickr set, featured here.

Mixed into the convention time, was the Last Gasp mixer on Friday night, Mikey's birthday party @ Patxi's on Saturday night, the Cartoon Art Museum on Saturday night (which had 4 of miriam's pieces up as part of the Graphic Details show), and the APE Aftermath party @ Isotope on Saturday night. On top of all that, we spent time with a bunch of awesome people, and I know I'm going to forget some so I should probably not list them :P

But here goes.
Vanessa Kelly
Rachel Dukes and Mikey Lopez
Josh Ellingson
Tammy Stellanova
Stephen Notley
Keith Knight, Kerstin and Jasper
Justin Orr
Hilary Orr
Amy Martin
Molly Hahn
Breanne Boland
Dylan Meconis
Erika Moen
Leigh Walton
Brett Warnock
Debbie Huey
Wahab Algarmi
Ben Collison
Anthony Hon
Robin McConnell
Fiona Meng
Shannon Wheeler
Greg Hinkle and Shay
Justin Hall
Jason McNamara
Matt Silady
Erik Arreaga
Leslie Levings
Mett DeLight
Carol Leanne Fox

oh man, I know I'm forgetting some more, and they're gonna be pissed. I apologize in advance. We've already determined that I have the memory of a goldfish.

So, remember those names, if you ever happen to be at a convention where one or more of those people are at, you can know that they have our huge seal of approval. They're great people and super talented , each and every one of them.

Well, that was the last big show of the year. Still to come is Bellingham Comic Convention and the last Vancouver Comic Con of the year. Then a couple of months off, and we start all over again.

Thanks again everyone!

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Date:October 22nd, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Wahooo! So nice to get to spend some time with you guys!

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