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August 15th, 2011

09:34 pm - Intro to Graphic Memoir, Tuesday nights this fall!
my graphic memoir course is running again! please spread this news around, teaching this is one of the things i love best in my life (my students seem to enjoy it also).


From Maus to Persepolis to Blankets, memoirs in graphic novel form are among the most powerful stories being told today. This course offers practical and wide-ranging techniques for translating your life experiences into sequential art. Classroom writing and drawing exercises, as well as take-home assignments, help you develop a creative process from brainstorm to script to layouts and inking. These projects, along with group and individual critiques, will guide you towards effective storytelling in creating an original graphic memoir.

Based on Libicki’s own techniques, as well as strategies from Lynda Barry, Eddie Campbell, Scott McCloud, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, this intensive yet laid-back course is open to students of all skill and knowledge levels. The underground-comix veteran and the person who hasn't read books with pictures since childhood, the writer who likes to doodle and the visual artist who writes bits of text in the margins of her drawings, will all find something new and inspiring here, as well as a supportive and diverse critique group that has a habit of lasting longer than the six-week course.

for more information, visit http://www.ecuad.ca/programs/courses/CEGN/170/F001 or email mlibicki@ecuad.ca

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June 9th, 2011

09:32 pm - more walker bean fan art
the kids' favourite characters were tartessa, remora, & the skull. i couldn't think of how to do any skull-in-a-bag-themed art projects, but four days work garnered us three papier-mache sea witches who are now the envy of all the other classes. they're mounted on the wall now, chasing some origami pirate ships.
Read more...Collapse )

the link to the book, i don't mind saying again (it is just that awesome), is here.

after you read it with the child of your choice, download the free walker bean pirate kit/activity book.

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June 5th, 2011

03:50 pm - fan-art, of a sort
as some of you know, i work with kids in my secret identity. all last month, i was privileged to read aaron renier's the unsinkable walker bean to about half-a-dozen kindergarteners, reading a section every day until we finished the whole 200-page book. they went *nuts* over it & i'm looking out for another graphic novel that will be as perfect for this group.

the kids often asked what was "real" in the book & what wasn't, & i tried to explain & clarify to the best of my ability. atlantis & mermaids are not real, although they are very old legends. sea otters are real, but not giant sea otters called "daedalus" (daedali?). coconut-carved star maps that can be projected to realistic scale are real, or at least possible. pirates are real, aye-ayes are real (though highly endangered).

this inspired me to make colouring sheets of the real animals that were featured in or inspired the fictional animals of, walker bean. i still kinda like them, so i will post them hereCollapse )

these are all based on photos i found on the internet, i am as always an unrepentant photo-tracer. they're inked in pentel black color brush, which i've never used seriously & was very happy with.

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May 30th, 2011

05:45 pm - jobnik 9 is go!
i know, waaaay seriously long time. popping my head up to say that a new issue of jobnik is scheduled to come out in time for san diego, & to prove it/hold me to my word, here is the completed page 3:Collapse )

also, if anyone wants to hear more from me (slightly more), i am now on twitter, @realgonegirl

p.s., does anybody still use non-photo blue pencils? i like em for doing perspective, except for the fact that all scanners see the lines, thus rendering the non-photo-ness, & their utility, completely void. is there a trick to this? is there a different colour that won't show up in scans, or is easier to delete from scans?

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December 9th, 2010

07:57 pm - first holiday commission completed!
i have just finished my first holiday portrait commission!

see belowCollapse )

nu, so get your own! what are you waiting for? are you in some kind of cult that forbids graven images??

this lucky patron of the arts is also getting it shipped to them free, because, um, i forgot to mention shipping in my previous post. for future reference, yes, i will need to charge shipping for these, & we'll work out what shipping rate you need before payment for the art.

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December 7th, 2010

12:23 pm - holiday commission sale!
finding myself underemployed for the holidays, i'm jumping on the bandwagon of special deals on commissions for the month of december!

over the years, i've enjoyed doing portraits from photos for family & friends, & now is your chance to get one of your very own! my standard paper size is 11"x14", & at that size, i'm selling inkwashes or graphite drawings for $75 (usually $100) , & watercolours for $150 (usually $200).

here is a selection of graphite drawings, inkwashes, & watercolours from recent years to give you a sense of my photo-based style:Collapse )

to commission your own, just email me a reference photograph at realgonegirlstudios@gmail.com along with any specifications. payment will be accepted through paypal. if you order in the next week, i can guarantee shipping by christmas in the us or canada!

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October 21st, 2010

02:35 pm - APE and beyond
So, APE was last weekend. Thanks to those of you that stopped by and said hello (there were a lot of you!) and additional thanks to those of you that picked up a little something (there were not as many of you :D)

It was an exciting APE this year, with the convention being held in the other side of the concourse, the whole thing just looked and felt bigger. And it was. There were about 50 additional tables for exhibitors set up, and one of the upper wings was used only for meetings / panels / seating, so there was just a whole lot more space for everything.

Unfortunately, that didn't transfer over to more customers for us. It was a pretty slow weekend, and was the first time at ANY convention, where Miriam and I both left the table to go do some exploring. Of course, during that time, Mikey (from poseurink) sold a t shirt and a book for us. He makes an excellent booth babe.

It was kind of a mixed bag from what I hear at the convention. Some people were having excellent sales, others were more like us. It's still a super fun convention though, and the exhibitors there are all pretty amazing.

I took a whole whack of pictures, which is nice, because I usually forget about my camera, and it just sits in my bag the whole time. Feel free to have a look at my flickr set, featured here.

Mixed into the convention time, was the Last Gasp mixer on Friday night, Mikey's birthday party @ Patxi's on Saturday night, the Cartoon Art Museum on Saturday night (which had 4 of miriam's pieces up as part of the Graphic Details show), and the APE Aftermath party @ Isotope on Saturday night. On top of all that, we spent time with a bunch of awesome people, and I know I'm going to forget some so I should probably not list them :P

But here goes.
Vanessa Kelly
Rachel Dukes and Mikey Lopez
Josh Ellingson
Tammy Stellanova
Stephen Notley
Keith Knight, Kerstin and Jasper
Justin Orr
Hilary Orr
Amy Martin
Molly Hahn
Breanne Boland
Dylan Meconis
Erika Moen
Leigh Walton
Brett Warnock
Debbie Huey
Wahab Algarmi
Ben Collison
Anthony Hon
Robin McConnell
Fiona Meng
Shannon Wheeler
Greg Hinkle and Shay
Justin Hall
Jason McNamara
Matt Silady
Erik Arreaga
Leslie Levings
Mett DeLight
Carol Leanne Fox

oh man, I know I'm forgetting some more, and they're gonna be pissed. I apologize in advance. We've already determined that I have the memory of a goldfish.

So, remember those names, if you ever happen to be at a convention where one or more of those people are at, you can know that they have our huge seal of approval. They're great people and super talented , each and every one of them.

Well, that was the last big show of the year. Still to come is Bellingham Comic Convention and the last Vancouver Comic Con of the year. Then a couple of months off, and we start all over again.

Thanks again everyone!

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October 14th, 2010

03:01 pm - Alternative Press Expo
Wooohooooo. It's APE time!

For those people that are in the San Francisco area, try to come on out. The Alternative Press Expo was the very first convention we ever did, and it's the reason why we stress, get tired, and use up all our vacation time. And of course have a crap ton of fun!

It's happening this weekend, at the Concourse (I think that's where it's held. I should probably have more details when I'm writing this stuff up.)

Oh, also! I just realized that posts here get autoposted onto the realgonegirl.com website. Woops. I don't think I've posted anything not worthy (or scandalous) so we should be fine. Makes me very glad that I bit my tongue over the other thing I was going to post. And now you won't know what that is. Sorry. Don't worry, you're not missing much.

This is going to be a super short trip for us this time though. We head out tonight, arrive in SF in the morning of Friday, convention is Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday evening we fly back home.

Hopefully we'll see you there. Stop on by and say hello. Buy something and we'll love you forever. Don't buy something and we'll still possibly love you forever, but you're gonna have to impress us. (I'm easy to impress)


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September 28th, 2010

05:36 pm - Conventions conventions conventions.
So, convention season is nearly wrapping up.

It's been an interesting year. We have finally managed a way to accept credit cards at cons (it still feels somewhat wrong, calling them cons, kind of like, supersecret evilness) and it's really helped. I mean, hugely helped. So now when you, the customer tries to get out of buying have run out of cash, we can take your plastic. Because that's not real money anyways.

We actually got an airline bump again, which hasn't happened in a couple of years. That really helps to cut convention costs, and United, we love you.

Jet City comic con just happened, and it was the inaugural showing. It was fun. Met some nice people, and had a good time. That's what really matters, right? Oh, and I found out that if you stay at a parking garage a really really long time, and then ask the person in the booth how much it's going to cost, he'll tell you to just leave (one time only!) and don't bother paying. I really hope he worked there.

To close out the year, we will probably be attending the Bellingham Comic Convention, and we will definitely be at the last Vancouver Comic Con of the year, and the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. If you're anywhere near any of those venues, you should definitely come out and say hi. You don't have to buy anything, but if you did, we would love you more. Yes, our love can be bought.

I was going to post something else here, but, I'm really not sure I should. Mainly because if something happens, I think it could get me into a lot of trouble. Oh internet, you are such a fickle friend.

So in closing, I will leave you with a picture of Miriam and I extremely tired, at the airport in Maryland, extremely happy to be bumped from our flight, and drinking celebratory Root Beer. (we're real party animals)


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September 27th, 2010

02:55 am - Hi
Well, don't you look nice!
Have you done something with your hair?
That's just wonderful!

Oh, me? yeah, I kind of dropped off the face of the journalling internet. I wasn't feeling it. Or, more likely, I just got even lazier.

I've actually been thinking about twitter lately. When twitter first came out, I was bombarded with the craptasticly boring existence of someone, and it made me vow to never go there.

Now? I dunno. the short little bursts of information could be interesting. Plus, let's face it, everyone's a voyeur to some degree, and twitter is there for that purpose.

I haven't signed up yet though. So don't go looking for the real Mike or whatever lame name I may end up getting stuck with.

Oh, yeah, in case you haven't figured it out yet, with the excessive punctuation and capital letters, this is Mike, not miriam talking. Sorry. I forget to introduce myself. I told you it's been a long time since I've posted.

Do people still post on livejournal? Oh, not you! I mean, other people. I'm still religiously following you. (Crap. blew my cover.)

Also, I realize that posting this question on livejournal is not the greatest random sampling place. It's more rhetorical. But the kind of rhetorical where I really expect an answer. I'm looking at you. Don't worry, I know you're at work wasting time, so just waste a little bit more time right here. Ok? Plus, if you're typing out an answer, it looks like you're working, rather than surfing around looking at dirty pictures. Or webcomics. Or dirty picture webcomics.

Anyways, I wanted to get into a few other things, but, I'm just going to ease myself back into this. Plus, if I mention all the other things right now, I'm more liable to forget to come back here and write more stuff. You do want me to write more stuff don't you?

Wait. Don't answer that question.

In case I didn't mention it, you really do look great. Nice seeing you again. Don't be a stranger.


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